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The Pootman Family Signatures

Below the handwriting of Johannes Pootman and his children are shown:


Johannes [Victorse] Pootman

Johannes Pootman was said to have written beautifully.

Below is the amendment to the indenture of Johanens Pootman that  was written September 28, 1661.

The original contract was signed on September 14, 1661.

Johannes was according to tradition was a cabin boy on board a Dutch ship.  Johnanes was said to have jumped ship, and he made his way to Albany, NY, where he was apprenticed by Jan Hendrickse Van Bael to Philip Henderickse Brower.

Perhaps, Johannes was a clerk for Brower or even a brewer.

Johannes Pootman signed his name in a hand that was beautiful. 

It indicated Johannes had a good education. 

It is likely that Johannes Pootman was the son of Victor Pootman of Aalburg, Netherlands, who was a Latin school teacher.


Johannes Pootman's Signature September 14, 1661


I have wondered if the flurish between Johannes and Pootman in the signature might not be "Victor".

 Below a chart of the Dutch alphabet and handwriting is shown:


Dutch Alphabet and Handwriting 

Dutch Alphabet and Handwriting


Below is another signature of Johannes Pootman, which was likely written when Johannes witness contracts made on September 28, 1661, by other parties at the court house.


Johannes Pootman's September 28, 1661, signature


Signatures of the Children of Johannes and Cornelia Bradt Pootman

The signatures of the Putman children are shown below.

They originate in a 1715 document that distributed the estate of Catalyntje De Vos to her heirs.

All of sons of Johannes Pootman and Cornelia Bradt wrote their names "Pootman" except David who wrote his name Pottman. 

In New Jersey deed between Abraham Van Horne, who may have been David Pottman's brother-in-law, and Richard Salter in 1722, David Potman is listed as having received land next to Abraham from his father Cornelius Mathewson. 

In the deed David's name was also written as Pottman.

Arent, Fictoor, and Cornelius lived in Schenectady, New York and signed first while the other children appear to have signed the document, later. 

Maria and Catalyntje in or near New York City or perhaps Brooklyn, NY.

David Pottman been lived in Changaroras west of Mattawan,  Monmouth Co., NJ.

Pootman Children's Signatures top half

                  Pootman Children's Signatures bottom half