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The Pootman Homestead

Below is a depiction of the stockade village of Schenectady, NY, as it would have been in the late 1600's.

Johannes ad Cornelia Bradt Pootman lived on the northwest corner of what today is Union and Ferry Street, Schenectady, NY.


Pootman or Putman Homestead

Schenectady 1690


Below a second version of the Fort of Schenectady made by Miller in 1695 is shown. 

The Pootman home was situated along the east wall of Fort Schenectady:

Schenectady -- Mill Map of 1695 

Miller Map of Schenectady -- 1695


Below is a description of the buildings and structures:

1.     Block Houses

2.    Mohawk River

3.    Wigwams

4.    Flag

5.    Centry Box

6.    Spy Loft

7.    Sties for Hogs

8.    Block house Designed as a Church

9.    Houses

10.  Great Barn

11.  Treble Stockades

12.   Fort Gates

North is to the right:  South is to the left. 

Below is another popular drawing of Schenectady that depicts the fort about 1690: