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Pootman/Putman Family Histories


1.- 2.    The earliest histories of the Pootman or Putman family in Europe and even before are located at the following links . . . Pootman or Putman YDNA / Pootman European Roots.

3.          To read about the parents of Johannes Pootman, click the following link . . . Victor Pootman and Marie Davids.

4.          For detailed information, on Johannes "Jan" Pootman and Cornelia Bradt click the highlighted link.

5.          To read histories about the children of Johannes and Cornelia, click the following links:  Maria Pootman / Arent Pootman Victor Pootman /  David Pottman / Catherine Pootman Cornelius Pootman.

6.            For additional generations, click following links:  More on Arent / More on Victor / More on David /More on Cornelius


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