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If you're wondering about the "Donate" button, it is a way for you to help build and sustain The Putman Family Bulletin Website:  

It costs about $150 a year to maintain the site, and if you are able to contribute to the effort of understanding Pootman family ancestry and history you are encourage to make a donation. 

If donations received is are over $150 projected for expenses, funds may be used to purchase DNA Kits for family members if there is a question about their Pootman/Putman ancestry along with other projects. 

Below is the tally of the money donated and the amount projected to be spent this year:

Fund Balance--2014

Donations to Date:                   

January                         $0

February                       $20

Projected Expenses:

Website Hosting            $100

Domain Name                $20

Other Expenses              $30


Projected Fund Balance         -$130


You are also encouraged to send an email to my above address if you have questions or answers about the Putman family.

Thank You, 

Mark R. Putnam


Mark R. Putnam